"The Devil's Luck" is now LIVE!

Hey everyone!

Big news: We're happy to announce the premiere of our newest short film, "The Devil's Luck". In 1880, a fur trapper comes across an unexpected fortune. Faced with a moral dilemma, he must reap the consequences. Check it out on YouTube and spread the word!

We'll be sending the film out to a festival near you, so keep an eye out! Thanks to everyone who has supported the film, those who continue to support us, and all of those who will support us in the future. It was a challenging but rewarding experience making this film, and we are happy and proud to share it with you!

Also, an update on our first trip to the Illinois International Film Festival! We will be attending the festival to support our entry, "Without You". The festival will be May 14th & 15th. We'd love to see you there! This isn't all, however, as we have much, much more coming down the pipeline. We'll be sure to update you as our projects unfold, but in the meantime, enjoy the film!

Good shooting,

Junior Giant Productions, Inc.


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