Help Us Crash the Super Bowl!

Hey guys!

Long time, no talk! We're hard at work with our Big Three end of the year projects. We have a couple surprises coming your way in the next couple of months, but before that, we need your help!

We're very proud of our latest endeavor, which just so happens to be our submission to the Doritos' Crash the Super Bowl ad competition! Go check it out on their site, and be sure to give us a five star rating! Your help now will provide us the momentum to keep moving forward in the contest. And if we win, you'd better believe we'll be sharing the love!

Check it out here: "Murph & Dorito" -

Now remember, official voting doesn't begin until January 5th, so keep an eye out for updates on this project as we get closer. And be sure to look out for more about our exciting new short films that we are hard at work on!

Go check it out our ad, "Murph & Dorito"! Tell us what you think and show us that five star love!

Much Love,

Junior Giant Productions, Inc.

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